Consumption Of Alcohol Raises Prostate Cancer Risk

Researchers from the University of Victoria in Australia analyzed 26 previous scientific studies that linked the daily consumption of alcohol to prostate cancer.

Apparently drinking just one pint of beer every day raises the risk of contracting prostate cancer by 23 per cent, a study has found. But even as little as half a pint a week increased the likelihood of contracting the cancer

They found that men who drank two to three units each day – equivalent to one pint of 5 per cent strength beer or two glasses of wine – raised their risk of prostate cancer by 23 per cent compared to people who had never drunk alcohol.

The way in which alcohol triggers the growth of tumors in the prostate is not fully understood. Alcoholic drinks contain carcinogens including acetaldehyde – nicknamed ‘the hangover chemical’ – which is formed when alcohol is broken down in the liver, and can damage cell DNA.

Cutting down how much you drink is a good way to reduce your cancer risk – for all types of cancer.

Real men get tested and real men speak up when it comes to prostate cancer –



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