Preventing Prostate Cancer

While the definitive cause of prostate cancer is still open to speculation recently there has been an increased focus on several prevention possibilities.  The one we are discussing today centers on the role of physical exercise and men’s health.

It is generally held that the more exercise you get, the better your health will be over the long run. Now there is growing speculation that the same principle may lessen the risk for men when it comes to developing prostate cancer.

Recent studies have shown when Caucasian men complete a minimum of just 3 hours of brisk walking in a week, they were less likely to have prostate cancer detected on a biopsy vs. those who opted to exercise less.

While you may not have time to schedule blocks of time at your local gym, it does not take a lot of effort to incorporate 3 hours of brisk walking into your weekly routine. Unfortunately, the study did not find a similar positive outcome for African-American men who are at greater risk for developing prostate cancer.  Additionally, African-American are more likely to be diagnosed with more advanced cancers that are more difficult to treat.

Exactly how much exercise one needs to do to prevent the adverse effects of prostate cancer are not known.  Our take away – staying as physically active as possible may benefit your overall health and may also lessen your potential to develop prostate cancer.









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