Why Men Hate Going To The Doctor

Fact … Women are three times more likely to see a doctor on a regular basis than men. Not only do women visit doctors more often, they are also comfortable sharing information with their medical providers and other women. Almost 90% of women know what to look for when it comes to detecting the warning signs of breast cancer. In sharp contrast, just 47% of men understand the dangers associated with prostate cancer – the most common form of cancer in American men. Given the reluctance of men to visit doctors, it’s no surprise that men die younger than women and experience higher mortality rates for: heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

Why is getting a man to a doctor harder than pulling teeth?

 There are as many answers to that question as there are males. Most of the time they say it’s not a priority. For many, visiting a doctor feels like a waste of time. When pressed, many men say a visit makes them feel weak or silly. If that were not enough, statistics show that most men will not make the recommended lifestyle changes often suggested as a result of their physical.

It’s time for men to make a change. Going to a doctor is one of the best things a man can do for himself and his family. While annual physical examinations do not guarantee you will be disease free, seeing a doctor regularly can help you make small changes, detect early warning signs and potentially avoid a future medical crisis.

Each year over 230,000 American men are shocked when told they have prostate cancer. At initial diagnosis, 16% of all patients with prostate cancer learn that it has already spread to different parts of their body. Currently 3 million American men are living with this disease, some as young as 30. Contrary to popular opinion, prostate cancer is not exclusively an old man’s disease. It is a silent killer that takes the lives of 30,000 annually. Typically it does not show outward symptoms until it has spread.

If you are an African American male, you are 56% more likely to develop prostate cancer when compared to Caucasian men.

What prompts men to visit their health care professional?

  • A woman in their lives who insists they visit a doctor
  • A health crisis in someone resembling themselves who is having a major health issue
  • A company sponsored wellness/awareness workshop where men and women can learn first hand why it’s important for men to be proactive about their personal health check-ups.


Discovering prostate cancer early can save your life and also save hundreds of thousands of dollars in employee health care costs and premiums. Call us at 860-651-9611 to find out more. Ask how to invite one of our workshop leaders at your next company event. To make a contribution and support the National Men’s Health Awareness Initiative visit us today at



Awareness + Education = Saved Lives

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