BPH – It’s Not Prostate Cancer

Benign Prostatatic Hyperplasia is a mouthful to say. Chances are you may know it as BPH or simply as an enlarged prostate.  As men live longer it’s a good bet their prostate will see some enlargement.  Symptoms typically occur in men over age 50 and can include:

  • Leaking urine
  • Inability to empty bladder
  • A stream that starts and stops while urinating
  • An urgent urge to urinate
  • Difficulty in starting a stream
  • Frequent urination especially at night

You can experience just a few of these symptoms or find they are so mild  they are not a bother at first.  Since the early warning signs for prostate cancer and BPH are similar it’s a good idea to get checked.  Untreated BPH can also cause issues in the bedroom along with problems surrounding urinary retention. Over time, retention can cause permanent bladder, kidney damage, painful bladder stones, and recurring urinary tract infections.

Don’t let the fear or anxiety of a possible prostate cancer diagnosis stop you from getting a check-up.   It just might be BPH – not cancer.

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