“Silence is Not A Cure”

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The National Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation, Inc (PCaAware) was formed to fill the serious void that exists in the men’s health arena. Just 47% of American males 40+ are aware the critical need for annual prostate examinations. In sharp contrast, and thanks to the work of the Susan G Komen Foundation, 87% of women are aware of importance of self-examination and screenings for breast cancer.

PCaAware has a single goal – Raise the level of men’s awareness surrounding prostate health to 75% while reversing the way men view the need to routinely visit heath care professionals. Simply put, get men to talk and understand prostate cancer…

Prostate cancer is one of the most asymptomatic diseases and impacts 250,00 men annually. Over 30,000 men die needlessly simply because they were diagnosed too late. Until the formation of the PCaAware, there was very little leadership on a national level in the fight to make men aware and educate them about this disease and the steps they must take before being diagnosed.

Rather than using traditional forms of broadcast and print media that have been proven to be ineffective and expensive for the past 25 years, PCaAware reaches men where they work and in other venues where men gather. PCaAware actively pursues and engages role models whom men respect as opinion leaders. Our speakers are drawn from the world of survivors; medical professionals, sports, media and entertainment.

In addition to speaking venues, PCaAware organizes and sponsors workshops, public seminars and health fairs where men can receive information and free medical screening and testing.

PCaAware stands alone in its mission to increase the awareness and understanding of prostate cancer. Our single purpose is a sharp departure from the traditional organizations whose primary focus is to raise funds for research OR to support men who have been diagnosed and are in treatment.

When it comes to Prostate Cancer Awareness we passionately believe that “Silence is Not A Cure

Did you know?

On average, 1 out of 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

NCCN Guidelines

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