Diet and Prostate Cancer

While there’s not enough information currently available to make clear recommendations about diet and prostate cancer there are some indications that dietary changes made many years earlier in a man’s life may reduce the risk of developing the disease.

Current research is suggesting:

  • A diet high in fat — especially animal fat, may increase prostate cancer risk. However, no studies, that looked at men following either a high-fat or low-fat diets have shown that diets high in animal fat raise the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Diets high in vegetables — fruits, and legumes, such as beans and peas, may decrease the risk of prostate cancer. While lycopene, found in tomatoes and other vegetables, has been linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer, the data so far have not demonstrated a relationship.  Personally I make it a point to  consume my fair share of stewed tomatoes.
  • Currently no specific — vitamins, minerals, or other supplements have conclusively shown in clinical trials to prevent prostate cancer. Some, including vitamin D, vitamin E, and selenium, may even be harmful for some men.
  • Specific diet changes —  may not stop or slow the development of prostate cancer, and if proven possible such changes would need to be made early in life to have an effect.

So what should you do?  In the long run its your call. That said eating a balanced diet, consuming more vegetable fiber and increasing your hydration rate while decreasing your consumption of sugar and junk food is always a healthier alternative.


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