Prostate Cancer Facts You Should Know

Did you know?

  • … Prostate cancer has no symptoms until the disease is advanced
  • … If detected early, prostate cancer can be treated effectively
  • … Over 30,000 men die of this disease each year in the U.S.
  • … Over 2 million men in U.S. today living with prostate cancer
  • … In 8 years, 4+ million men will be impacted as baby boomers age

If men truly understood the real danger of ignoring prostate cancer, they would never miss having their   annual physical exam.

Please … Make a donation today to PCaAWARE.  Help us in our fight to make men and the women in their lives aware of the dangers of this silent killer. Its time for men to speak up. It time for men to act when it comes to prostate cancer. Silence is not a cure.

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