Prostate Cancer Why Men Die From Embarrassment

When it comes to speaking about issues occurring below the belt-line, 90% of men will ignore the subject or retreat into silence. Unlike women, who openly share life-saving information on their health with their physicians and friends, men tend to “macho up” and retreat into quiet isolation. Additional conversation is generally not an option.

The end result of this self-imposed wall of silence by men has been the re-allocation of hundreds of millions of dollars away from prostate cancer awareness, detection, research and treatment to other diseases.

Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths behind lung cancer in the United States. It is not the benign cancer so many believe it to be.

Recall the number of times you have heard a man you know give one or more of the following “REASONS” when asked why he did not go in for an annual physical:

  • I don’t have a doctor
  • There’s probably nothing wrong with me
  • I don’t have any real symptoms
  • I don’t have time to visit a doctor
  • I don’t want to spend the money
  • Doctors don’t DO anything
  • No need to hear any bad news
  • We all die sometime
  • I don’t like being probed (also known as “ I fear the finger”)
  • I can tough it out
  • To learn more about how you and your company can educate men on the importance of wellness checks and annual prostate cancer screening contact us today and download our free white paper – “Prostate Cancer In The Workplace …Costing Companies Millions Annually”.  

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