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The easiest way to clear a room full of men – Mention the word “Doctor” followed by “Annual Physical“.

Sadly more than 60% of American men report they never visit a medical office. The remaining 40% routinely hold back on information during a visit out of fear they might receive bad news.  Unfortunately, men often fail to recognize the amount of financial and emotional stress they place on their families when they put their health on hold.

Children lose fathers and wives face traumatic personal loss. 

It often takes men years to discover that a simple treatment early on could have saved their life or made life easier.

While new treatments and support are important in the fight against prostate cancer, there remains a critical need to motivate men to become actively engage with their personal health.  To that end, the National Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation supports and a project called TheProstateCancerCoach – a network of men and survivors with a simple mission:

To offer guidance and clarification to men and their partners who are often at a loss when faced with the challenging and emotional decisions that surround the prevention, detection and treatment of prostate diseases.

At PCaAware we believe the key to improving men’s health awareness is found in one-on-one communication with men who have walked the path before them. Here information is simply shared, no judgements are made – no medical advice is given.

Men and/or their partners need only to visit  TheProstateCancerCoach site and fill in the appointment form. During the follow-up 30 minute call you are free ask questions or discuss issues.

Most often, the discussions will center on male reluctance to visit a doctor, the need for PSA testing, digital exams, bedroom issues, difficulty with urination, infections and challenges with an enlarged prostate.

Candidly the coaches have seen it all and can offer suggested questions callers may want to ask their physicians.   Many of these coaches are prostate cancer survivors and have real life experience with active surveillance, surgery, and all forms of radiation treatment.

The service offered by TheProstateCancerCoach offers men an opportunity to talk with someone who has walked the path.  We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.





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