Early Detection Helped Tom – Could Make the Difference for You

By: First Lady Frances Wolf
Tom and I announced this morning that Tom has been diagnosed with a treatable form of prostate cancer

Tom’s doctors made the diagnosis after a regular checkup revealed abnormalities.

We are very thankful that Tom’s doctors caught this cancer quickly and have worked to plan a treatment schedule that will address his medical issues and allow him to serve the people of Pennsylvania.

You can learn more about prostate cancer and early detection from the Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Cancer Institute.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. Early detection is important and promising research shows accurate screening tests and preventive measures should help reduce the risk of death from prostate cancer.

The American Cancer Society recommends that starting at age 50, men should talk to a healthcare provider about the pros and cons of testing so they can decide if testing is the right choice for them.

But early detection can help make other types of cancer and many diseases much more manageable for you and your family. Learn more about early detection of all types of cancer.

We encourage everyone in Pennsylvania to make sure you schedule regular checkups with their doctors and be aware of screening guidelines so early detection and treatment can be possible.

Take a moment today to schedule a checkup with your doctor. It made a huge difference for our family – it could for you too.

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