Erectile Dysfunction – Can Save Your Life

If you can put aside male ego and take action — those failures in the bedroom or extra trips to bathroom at night might be early wakeup call that could save your life.

The inability to get and keep and erection suitable for sex* can be an early warning sign for heart disease, prostate cancer or other diseases of the prostate.

Men usually do not visit their doctor until something goes wrong below the belt.  Unlike women, men are far less inclined to appreciate the implications of poor life style choices like smoking, or consuming large quantities of meat or alcohol on a regular basis.

The same process that creates heart disease (the build up of plaque in your veins) can also lead to erectile dysfunction long before you experience any signs of potential heart failure.

The same can be said for problems in the bathroom. Lower urinary tract symptoms become more common as men age and their prostates enlarge (an enlarged prostate restricts the flow of urine).  Taking over the counter supplements may temporarily improve your urine flow. At the same time, your decision to self-medicate may hide a treatable but growing cancer in your prostate.

In a recent issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings, researchers studied 2,115 men between the ages of 40 and 79. Researchers found as the men’s urinary symptoms increased, their level of sexual function decreased.

Symptoms that were most strongly associated with sexual dysfunction were:

  • A feeling of urgency
  • Needing to get up multiple times at night to urinate
  • A weak urine stream
  • Straining to start urinating
  • Difficulty getting or maintaining an erection
  • The way men felt about problems with sexual drive, erection, and ejaculation

If you are experiencing any of the issues listed it is time you paid a visit to your personal physician. When you do, honestly describe your concerns and experiences. While you are there insist on receiving a simple PSA test as well.

A recent worldwide study by BAYER found that the vast majority of men choose not to confide in their doctors, nurses or caregivers even when they are experiencing painful symptoms resulting from advanced prostate cancer.

Be honest with your Doc and get tested – it just might save your life.

NOTE * Erectile Dysfunction impacts 3 million men in the United States annually.

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