Reduce Your Risk of Prostate Cancer

Is there is anything you can do to reduce the risk of prostate cancer?

Yes… And here are few suggestions

Do not smoke

There appears to be a strong association between smoking and prostate cancer mortality.  A study published in JAMA in 2011 followed 5,366 men with prostate cancer for 20 years. The study found smokers had a statistically significant increased risk of prostate cancer mortality. Another study published in 2015 from Europe evaluated over 6,500 men who underwent surgery for prostate cancer.  Once again  smokers had a significantly higher risk of cancer recurrence compared to non-smokers and those who had quit smoking over 10 years ago.

Lose weight

Multiple studies have demonstrated a strong association between obesity and prostate cancer. One recent study evaluated nearly 2000 men who underwent a prostatectomy for prostate cancer. Men with metabolic syndrome (obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes) had a remarkably increased risk of high grade cancer, extra-prostatic disease (spread outside the prostate) and cancer recurrence requiring salvage therapy.

Get active

Exercise has been found to reduce prostate cancer risk.  A 2013 study from the Durham VA found white men in their 60’s who were moderately or highly active were 53% less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Diet is important

Several studies have found consumption of red meat and processed meat is associated with an increased risk of developing advanced prostate cancer. A heart healthy diet is beneficial for reducing prostate cancer risk. This includes reduced animal fats, sugar and processed foods and more fruits, vegetables, fish and foods high in lycopene such as

Watch liquor consumption

A 2104 trial by the World Health Organization found consistent hard liquor intake increased risk of prostate cancer by 60% but did not find a causal relationship with beer or wine.

Sign up for an annual physical

Starting at age 40 men can see the beginnings of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate that can impede urine flow. Get checked if you are having issues.  The early warning indicators for BPH and prostate cancer have a lot in common. Early diagnosis and treatment can save your life.

 Get involved

Learn more about the impact of prostate cancer in the workplace and what you can do to help reduce the rising cost of health care. Educate yourself and fellow employees on the benefits of being aware when it comes to prostate cancer prevention.  To download our most recent white paper report simply send a text to 72000 and enter the word prostate to receive your free copy.

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